We encourage our puppy families to ask any questions that they have.  Many times everyone has the same questions, so we are going to address the most frequently asked questions here.

Q.  Do you have Covid-19 considerations in place? Yes, due to Covid-19 we are not currently allowing visitors IN our home.  However, we do make reasonable accommodations that allow for safe puppy pick-up in our front yard.  If anyone in our home should become ill with Covid, pick up will be rescheduled.  We ask that if anyone in your home is ill with Covid, you give us the same consideration.  We wish for all involved to remain healthy and happy 🙂 

Q.  Where are you located? We are located in North Port, Fl which is in Sarasota County 

Q.  How much are your puppies? Our prices vary from litter to litter, on average our prices are $2,500.00 to $3,000.00. 

Q. Do you offer a health guarantee? Yes. All of our puppies come with a one year health guarantee. 

Q. Will you take puppy back if I can’t keep it? ABSOLUTELY!!  I will always take our puppies back however, no refund is to be given.  

Q.  How do you accept payments? Deposits are accepted via personal check, paypal, Venmo, or Zelle.   Balance is always due in cash at pick up OR one week prior to shipping payable via paypal,Venmo, or Zelle if shipping. 

Q. Can I make payments? If you wish you may send smaller payments however, puppy needs to be paid in full by 10 weeks of age, as this is when puppy is ready to go home. 

Q. When can I take my puppy home? Puppies are generally ready to go home around 10 weeks of age, tiny puppies will stay longer as needed. 

Q. Do you ship?  Yes.  We ship our puppies anywhere in the US with a puppy nanny.  Puppies fly in the cabin with our nanny and receive excellent care during travel. 

Q. Do you give breeding rights? No Breeding rights are given to any of our puppies. 

Q. When can I come visit my puppy? If you are local, you may come visit puppies at 6 weeks of age by appointment only.  

Q. Can I come to your house to pick out a puppy? We do not allow visitors until 6 weeks of age. Many times our puppies are already reserved by this time.  IF we have available puppies by 6 weeks, and if you are local you may schedule time to come pick your puppy.  Puppies do not leave before 8 weeks of age!! 

Q. Can I meet the parents? Yes.  When you come to visit or pick up, you may see the parents of your baby and any of our furkids.   

Q. Does puppy receive shots before I take them home? Yes.  Florida State law requires all puppies to have their first set of shots, free of internal and external parasites, and must have a Florida Health Certificate from a licensed veterinarian. 

Q.  Will my puppy be potty pad trained? Your puppy will have a very good understanding of potty PAD training.  Most puppies are pretty much trained by the time they leave here. 

Q. Do you use water bottles or bowls? I prefer to use waterbottles for my babies.  It keeps their water clean, and their faces dry. 

Q. What food do you feed? I feed 4Health to our adults and 4Health Grain-free puppies to our babies.  You will be given a sample of our food when your baby leaves our home. 

Q. Do you have a paid wait list deposit?  Yes, we are now taking a deposit to be on our waiting list.  The wait list deposit is $50.00   Please message me for info on the litters you are interested in.  As I will only be taking up to 2 people per litter.  This deposit is applied to overall purchase price of puppy. 

Q.  Is a deposit required to hold a puppy? Yes, deposits are non-refundable and are required to hold a puppy.  Breeder always gets first choice from any litter, next priority is given to those who are on our paid wait list.   The deposit goes toward the overall purchase price of puppy.  

Q. How much are your puppies?  Our prices average between $2,000.00 and $3,000.00.   All puppies are sold on a spay/neuter agreement and AKC papers are mailed out once we have received proof of spay/neuter.