Our Puppy Policies:


* All puppies are sold with limited AKC registration, this means no breeding rights, no exceptions.  AKC registration papers are supplied to you upon proof of spay/neuter.

*Per Florida State Law, all puppies are given a thorough health exam and age appropriate vaccines by our licensed veterinarian and a Florida Health Certificate is issued by our veterinarian as well.  Puppies stay with us until they are 9 weeks of age, although tiny puppies will stay longer.  We do not rush the puppies off of mom or out the door.

*We prefer that you come to our home to pick up your puppy; however, we understand this is not always possible.  Therefore, we offer shipping with one of our established puppy transporters.  A puppy transporter (commonly called a puppy nanny) will fly with your puppy in the cabin of the airplane and provide direct care for your puppy during travel.  Our transporters set their own fees for their services and is not included in the purchase price of your puppy. When shipping, please have some flexibility and patience as delays sometimes occur.  Our nannies are providing a wonderful service connecting families to their new furry family member.  There are many breeders utilizing the same nannies.  They have full time jobs, and families, and schedule puppy deliveries around their already busy schedules.  The buyer and Breeder choose the airport locations, keep in mind not all airlines deliver to all airports so generally I will ask for 2 airports closest to you.   The nanny picks times of flights and dates of flights.  Buyer meets nanny at the airport to pick up.    They are loving caring individuals with the safety and health of our fur baby being their number one concern.  They have been doing this  for many many years and are very professional.  I can supply references from others who have had their puppies shipped. 😊

*Waiting list deposit is $50.00.  If you wish to get on our waiting list, you will need to place a deposit.  This deposit guarantees you a puppy from a particular breeding.  I will only take 2 paid spots on the wait list per each litter.  I will take one person for a female, one for a male.  This fee is also applied toward the overall purchase price.  If the gender of your choice is not produced you will be given two options, you can leave your wait list deposit with us for the next litter OR we will refund the wait list deposit.  However, IF you decide to back out of the sale the wait list deposit fee stays with us.  No guarantees can be made as to size and or colors produced.  All we can do is make an estimate on sizes based upon our experience.  Colors we typically produce are gold and white and red and white.  On occasion we will get black and white or silver brindle depending upon our pairings.

*All Deposits ($300.00) are NON-REFUNDABLE!!  Please be certain that you can commit to the purchase of the puppy you are choosing before sending your deposit.  The deposit is a holding fee, meaning the puppy of your choice is taken off “the market”  we are no longer paying for advertisements or attempting to find a home for the puppy.  Deposits are paid via paypal, Zelle, Venmo, check, or cash if you are local.  Deposits are applied toward overall purchase price of the puppy.  (example:  If puppy price is $2,000.00 and deposit is $300.00. The balance due at pick up is $1,700.00)

*Remaining balance, (amount owed after the deposit has been placed) is due in cash if you are local and you are picking up your puppy OR Via paypal, Venmo or Zelle one week before puppy is to ship out with our Nanny.  No personal checks will be accepted at pick up.

**We reserve the right to first pick of any litter**

**We reserve the right to cancel or refuse the sale of any puppy if we feel the puppy will not be properly cared for**